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Breathe easier knowing your air is protected

The air you breathe is one of the most important components of your health. Our air quality services are designed to make your home or business cleaner, healthier, and fresher.

Create a cleaner, healthier environment

It is believed that the air inside the average home or business is far more polluted than the air outside. In addition to environmental contaminants such as pollen, dust, and dirt, indoor air can also contain pet and human hair, fabric fibers, paint dust, and chemical residue.


Air purification and duct work removes these contaminants, while humidifiers and dehumidifiers manage the humidity within your home, creating a more comfortable, healthier climate.

Expert service for over 25 years

We've been the trusted experts of the Woodbury area for over 25 years. Call the family owned fairness of Craig's Heating & Cooling LLC!

One year repair warranty

We won't leave you up a creek! If the system we installed needs repair within the first year we will come fix it for FREE!

Phone Mail

Soothe your sinuses by giving your air more moisture. You and your family will feel better.

Ensure the best results from your humidifier. Let us do the repairs right the first time.

Live in a humid climate? Dehumidifiers are no sweat for us to install.







Keep your system running cleanly and efficiently with maintenance and repair!

Our air filtration systems are so good that you can finally get that dog you're allergic to!

Don't let dirt and allergens pile up in your duct work. Even the pipes need cleaning!

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